This site shows my collection of NSDAP paper items from 1919-1945 & other paper items used during the Nazi era 1933-1945.

My definition of paper items are: Membership dues stamps, membership cards, membership books, revenues, poster stamps/vignettes, court fee stamps, postage stamps, postcards, documents, certificates etc. = Whatever printed on paper.

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This page shows swastikas and other symbols from the Nazi era. If this offense you, please

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May 1st 2018
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This site DOES NOT glorify or sympathize in any way with the NS, their events or ideologies past and present.  This site is for collectors and students of history only.  I consider my site to be in compliance with the German Law paragraph 86 and paragraph 86a StGB governing such material.  I expect my viewers to understand and respect the intent of this law, paraphrased below:

"A historical and military item from the years 1933-1945 with a Third Reich emblem, is not to be used in any propagandistical way. It is strictly forbidden and a criminal offence. This item can only be sold with the understanding that it will be used for educational intention, historical research or to report about the happenings of the NS-time." I reserve the right not to sell any material from my "For sale" page to anyone, if I believe the item(s) will not be used within the actual intent or spirit of the German Law.

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