Membership dues

Provisional membership card from 1929

Membership card from 1934

Donation Membership card from 1933.

NOTE: Membership card dues overprinted "Opfer" and used as donation stamps.

Membership book from 1931. Issued to Mr. Schladitz

NOTE: Find his wife´s membership book from 1932 below the husbands.

Membership book from 1932. Issued to Mrs. Schladitz

Membership book from 1933.

NOTE: First and second issue dues in this membership book.



Membership dues

Membership book from 1933. Issued to Paul Brümner.

NOTE: First, second and Third issue dues in this membership book.



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NOTE: Two different kind og figure "9"

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Membership dues

Membership card with 1942 overprint on third issue dues

Membership card with 1944 overprint on third issue dues

Membership card from 1937

Membership card from 1937

Donation Membership card from 1939.

NOTE: Membership card dues used as donation stamps.

Membership book from 1933. Issued to Heinrich Bütehorn.

NOTE: First and Third issue dues in this membership book.

Membership book from 1939. Issued to Leopold Klucidler.

NOTE: Third issue dues only in this membership book.


The new designed membership dues from 1939 came in

1/4 year dues, 1/2 year dues and i 1 years dues.

They were overprinted "1943" and "1944".

These are also shown below.

The new designed membership dues were also overprinted

for other purposes. See the categori "Overprinted".

Membership card with 1942 overprint on third issue dues and a 1939 new design due.





Closed "h"


Open "h"

Closed "h"                   Donation stamps                    Open "h"

Receipt card for donation stamps. All stamps are open "h" stamps


Donation stamp

Donation card for Party members

Donation card only for NON Party members




NON Party members

Donation card for Party members

Reverse of a donation card for Party members. Mix of first and second issue donation stamps



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Deutschen im Ausland

Germans abroad

Ausland due

Ausland due. Full sheet.

Membership book for Ludwig Luchs, Ortsgruppe Cairo.

Reichsparteitag(RPT). Reich Party Rally dues

Membership book for Albrect Grüssners.

Ortsgruppe Marburg/Ortsgruppe Helsinki (Finland)/Gau Gross-Berlin.

NOTE: The member ship book is a part of a lot of Albrect Grüssner documents. Click here.

Membership card for Heike Frerichs, Ortsgruppe Lettland.

Ausland Organisation

Seefahrt (Seafarers)

"Seefahrt" overprinted on 3rd issue due stamps. Probably issued in 1939.

"Seefahrt" and "1942" overprinted on 3rd issue due stamps.

"AO" and "Seefahrt" overprinted on 3rd issue due stamps.

Böhmen und Mähren

Bohemia and Moravia

Bohemia and Moravia due



Generalgouvernement due

Generalgouvernement dues

The Netherlands

The Netherlands dues

Reich Party Rallies

1934 Reich Party Rally stamps

1935 Reich Party Rally stamps

1936 Reich Party Rally stamps

1937 Reich Party Rally stamps

1938 Reich Party Rally stamps

1939 Reich Party Rally stamp

1939 Reich Party Rally stamps (new design)

Front of card with Party Rally stamp from 1938 and 1939

Reverse of card with third issue dues.


Sudetenland dues


NSDAP book fee

Book fee stamp

Book fee stamp on document

Aufnahme gebühr

Registration fee

Registration fee stamp

Member admission lock of the NSDAP.


Both the transfer of power to the National Socialists at the beginning of 1933, in their own language called "seizure of power" or "national uprising," as well as the expiry and outcome of the Reichstag election of March 5, 1933, led to mass exits in all other parties in Germany. Particularly affected were the leftist and social democratic parties such as the KPD and the SPD, but also parties in the center-right spectrum. In the following years hundreds of thousands of Germans submitted a membership application for the NSDAP. The number of party members increased from January to April 1933 from 850,000 to over 2.5 million. These mass arrivals were referred to mockingly and pejoratively as "marchers". [2] The NSDAP leadership itself suspected behind the high number of new applications that also overwhelmed the administration of the party, thousands of "economic jitters" and political counter-forces, not as old fighters from Nazi convictions, but for personal gain or with the goal sabotage wanted party affiliation.

Imposition of the recording lock

To counter this, the party leadership responded on April 19, 1933 to the membership inflow with an empire-wide, indefinite membership record lock, which was fixed in the order of April 19, 1933 of the Reich Treasurer of the NSDAP, Franz Xaver Black, and on 1 May 1933 came into force. Next it was said to the block in the Ordinance of the Reichsleitung of the NSDAP of April 30, 1933: "After this date, no department of the movement may accept new applications more. The Gaue may present the new registrations of the Reichsleitung received before May 1, at the latest by May 15. "Excluded from the admission lock were" members of the Hitler Youth, who are 18 years of age, members of the NSBO and all those, which provide services in the SA or SS. "Thus, they were still allowed to enter the NSDAP.


The extensive recording ban learned in the subsequent period, in addition to the existing special rules, some relaxation. Thus, Reichsschatzmeister Schwarz in 1937 with the order 3/37 initially allowed the inclusion of the old NSBO and NS Hago members (National Socialist Trade and Trade Organization) in the NSDAP, then with the order 18/37 of April 20, 1937 all those to allow entry into the NSDAP, which had been active since the seizure of power in the branches and affiliated associations of the party as a National Socialist.

With these extended special regulations for the party entrance and the introduction of the so-called "party candidate" the member numbers grew considerably after 1937, so that the NSDAP led in 1939 around 5.3 million party members. - Partisans had all duties, in particular to take over the contribution and registration, were also allowed to carry the party badge from January 1938, but they had only a candidacy for inclusion in the party until they were delivered by the Reichsleitung a red membership card.

Complete suspension

After the complete abolition of the membership census for the Greater Reich and the Gdansk Gdańsk with the order 34/39 of May 10, 1939, which came into force retroactively to May 1, 1939, the number of members increased again decisively. After completion of the order 18/37 Adolf Hitler set as ideal goal a ratio of 1:10 between the number of party members and the number of German citizens. The establishment of party supporters was also abolished.

In 1945, the number of member numbers awarded amounted to about 8.5 million.

Party candidate ID card with registration fee stamp.

Fritz Peperkorn apply for membership of the NSDAP.

Fritz Peperkorns Help Tilly card of the NSDAP.

NSDAP Österreich bevor 1938

NSDAP Austria before 1938

Austrian National Socialism was a Pan-German movement that was formed at the beginning of the 20th century. The movement took a concrete form on November 15, 1903 when the German Worker's Party (DAP) was established in Austria with its secretariat stationed in the town of Aussig (now Usti nad Labem in the Czech Republic). It was suppressed under the rule of Engelbert Dollfuss (1932–34), with its political organization, the DNSAP ("German National Socialist Workers' Party") banned in early 1933, but revived and made part of the German Nazi Party after the German annexation of Austria in 1938.

Membership book from 1932.

I have never seen this revenue in the

German NSDAP membership books.

Membership card from 1931

Membership card from 1936

Membership card from 1936

Membership card from 1937

Receipt card from 1931

Receipt card from 1932. SS-Sturm 3/I/11

Receipt card from 1932.

Spendeschein. Donation "ticket". Year unknown.