Poster stamps

          Poster stamps
Posterstamps/vignettes (propaganda) from the Nazi Party 1919-1945

The Young Plan was the last of the reparations plans that regulated the payment obligations of the German Reich on the basis of the Treaty of Versailles. It was negotiated in Paris by a panel of international financial experts from February to June 1929, the final formulation being at two intergovernmental conferences in August 1929 and January 1930 in The Hague. He came into force on May 17, 1930 retroactively to September 1, 1929 and set an average annuity of about two billion Reichsmark, which were paid mainly in foreign currency. It was to last until 1988, but was suspended in June 1931 by the Hoover moratorium and repealed in July 1932 by the Conference of Lausanne.

5 poster stamps from a very early and very rare sheet of 20 different poster stamps

Picture of the rare early sheet (courtesy of Dave Ripley III)

Reichs Labour Conference "Print and Paper"

Leipzig Spring Fair 1937                                                    Leipzig Autumn Fair 1937